Daric is a modern BASIC dialect. It has a clean syntax, strong data structures, good library support and compiles to fast native code.

Programming should be fun, and immediate. Daric is designed around the idea of batteries included, once installed there are no other dependencies.
Simpler than Python, as fast as C
The preferred way to run Daric now is to use the Visual Studio Code extension.

• Search for Daric on the VS Code Extensions page. Install and restart VS Code.

• Open Command Palette and run Daric: Download OS specific compiler. Wait for the confirmation message and then restart VS Code again to be sure it's installed.

• For documentation, run Daric: Open Daric documentation.

• For demos and examples, run Daric: Show Daric Examples & Demos.

• To create standalone executables, run Daric: Create executable.

Core Features

• BASIC dialect inspired by 8 bit machines, modernised for contempary programmers

• Runs on Windows or macOS

• Includes a simple IDE to edit/run code

• A decent standard library

• Straightforward, accelerated graphics

• Excellent near-C runtime performance with an LLVM based compiler and JIT runtime

• Several examples programs and demos with source

Standard Library

• File I/O

• High-precision timer

• 64 channel audio (samples) and music (MIDI & MOD) support

• Accelerated 2D graphics with sprite support

• TrueType font support

• Keyboard & mouse support - designed with games in mind

• Accelerated 3D graphics with asset importer (no textures!)

• In-app GUI windows, with ability to move "offscreen"

• GUI controls: Button, Textfield